New version of the Powershell Healthcheck script released

Ivo Beerens published a new version of his Powershell Healthcheck script.

- VMware ESX server Hardware and version         
- VMware vCenter version    
- Cluster information (Updated)    
- VMware statistics (New)
- Active Snapshots    
- CDROMs connected to VMs   
- Floppy drives connected to VMs  
- Datastores Information such as free space
- RDM information  (New)
- VM information such as VMware tools version,  processor and memory limits     
- VM’s and there datastore (New)
- VMware timesync enabled  
- Percentage disk space used inside the VM (New)    
- VC error logs last 5 days (New)

It is possible to schedule this script and output the content to HTML and e-mail it. 

Read his blog post here

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