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VMworld Europe 2009 – PartnerDay Recap

VMworld Europe 2009 Partner Day has almost come to an end. The focus was all set on the new line of products. With vSphere officially going public today as a name for VMware’s NextGen products, VMware announced 2 other new products:

vCenter Server Heartbeat
vShield Zones

Another Focus will be the vCloud Initiative with the VDC-OS/vSphere positioned as [...]

VMworld Europe – Day 0

Today was the travelling day for VMworld Europe in Cannes. My flight was pleasant and right on time. With the weather all shiny I was heading to cannes using the shuttle bus.
Weird people addicted to cellphones and other mobile devices everywhere. Where did I just landed? After registering I went directly to the lovely hotel, [...]

VMworld Europe – The Final Countdown

We’re leaving together,
But still it’s farewell
And maybe we’ll come back,
To home, who can tell?
I guess it’s VMware to blame
We’re leaving ground
Will things ever be the same again?
It’s the final countdown…

Gabes VMworld 2009 teaser movie

Gabe of Gabes Virtual World just posted this brilliant VMworld Teaser video.
If you are following the virtual twits on Twitter you’ll like the inside jokes.
Great job Gabe!

ESX console password aging

Yesterday I did a post on how to change your ESX root password using a Powershell script and told you that I, as a good administrator, didn’t change my password for ages.
Today VMware just released this KB article on password aging in the ESX console. This way you can force a password change after an [...]

Bulk change your ESX root password

Have you ever been facing your security department demanding you to change your ESX root password?
Well I did. At the current site there’s a strict security policy where passwords must change every 2 months. Offcourse as a good administrator I changed the ESX root account …. ehm …. well …. ehm …. never.
Because we have over [...]

VMotion does not check vSwitch port availability

When I was reshuffling some VMs from one cluster to the other, I had a VM that was cut off from the network. When I did some investigation I found that the network adapter was disconnected in the VM Settings. Hmmmm strange.
How could that happen?

VMware Storage Sudoku

Last Friday I was brainstorming with Gabrie van Zanten about the optimal placement of the VMDKs across our LUNs. We tried to come up with an algorithm that could give us insight in what would be our optimal storage layout.
First read the complete post here.
This weekend I was continuously thinking about this challenge.
I came up [...]

Meet the VMTN Experts

Steve and Duncan just posted the full list of VMTN Experts that will join the VMTN Experts Panel at VMworld Europe.
Jason Boche – + VMTN Moderator
Thomas Bryant – VMTN Moderator
Steve Beaver – + VMTN Moderator
Eric Sloof – + VMTN/VMUG Contributor
Scott Herold – + VMTN Contributor and author of VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical [...]