ESX console password aging

Yesterday I did a post on how to change your ESX root password using a Powershell script and told you that I, as a good administrator, didn’t change my password for ages.
Today VMware just released this KB article on password aging in the ESX console. This way you can force a password change after an amount of time using the chage command.

Let’s take a closer look to this command using the man pages:

chage [-m mindays] [-M maxdays] [-d lastday] [-I inactive]
             [-E expiredate] [-W warndays] user

-m : the value of mindays is the minimum number of  days between  password  changes.

-M : the value of maxdays is the maximum number of  days during  which  a  password is valid.

-d  : the value of lastday is the number of days since January 1st, 1970 when the password was last  changed.
        The date  may also be expressed in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

-E : is used to set a date on which the user’s account will no longer  be  accessible.

-I  : is used to set the number of days of inactivity after a password has expired before the account is locked.

-W : is  used to set the number of days of warning before a password change is required.

To set a user’s password to expire in 90 days, run the following command:
chage -M 90 <username>

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