Meet the VMTN Experts

Steve and Duncan just posted the full list of VMTN Experts that will join the VMTN Experts Panel at VMworld Europe.

Jason Boche – + VMTN Moderator
Thomas Bryant – VMTN Moderator
Steve Beaver – + VMTN Moderator
Eric Sloof – + VMTN/VMUG Contributor
Scott Herold – + VMTN Contributor and author of VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical Design Guide
Wil van Antwerpen – + VMTN Contributor
Gabrie van Zanten – GabesVirtualWorld + VMTN Contributor
Alan Renouf – + VMTN Contributor
Tom Howarth – + VMTN Moderator
Duncan Epping – + VMTN Moderator

Don’t forget to visit them in The Community Lounge at VMworld Europe 2009.
You now have the chance to ask them everything you allways wanted to know about them. They are really great guys!.

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