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VMware ESX(i) 3.5 Update4 released

VMware has released ESX(i) 3.5 update4.
Do not forget to read the release notes here or you can go to the download page here
While going through the release notes these things caught my attention:

vCenter 2.5 U2 or higher is required before upgrading to ESX(i) 3.5 U4 according to the Compatibility Matrix
If you are in a managed (enterprise) [...]

HOW-TO: Recover from failed Storage VMotion

A while ago I received a request from the storage department to move a whole ESX cluster to another storage I/O-Group. This would be a disruptive action.
I was wondering if storage VMotion would help me out here if they assigned me some new storage on the other I/O-Group instead of moving the current LUNs.
If you [...]

Virtualization links for this week

I’ve been really busy this week

patching my ESX hosts
troubleshooting ballooning problems
moving ESX hosts to other SAN switches
troubleshooting network/vlan problems
putting some effort in helping people out on the VMTN forum. Hey, I even got a top 5 ranking this week
AND reading all those magnificent articles I found out this week

Whenever you are seriously interested in VMware [...]

Unattended upgrade of HP management agents

After upgrading to ESX 3.5 to update3, I found out that the HP management agents needed to be upgraded to version 8.1.1, since this version supports ESX3.5 update3. So I downloaded the new agents and decided to install the latest HBAAPI libraries from Qlogic too. These HBA libraries are not part of the HP agents [...]

VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat

VMware just released the VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat product which was first publicly announced at VMworld Europe 2009.
VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat is an addon which creates high availability for your vCenter Server. vCenter Server becomes more and more important today as new products and addons are being connected to vCenter Server. vCenter Server is the [...]

VMware vCenter Data Recovery

When taking the VMware vCenter Data Recovery lab on VMworld Europe 2009 I was totally surprised about this new product. The product, which will be part of the new vSphere line of products, is a complete disk based backup and restore solution. In my opinion it’s mainly aimed at SMB organizations however.
The product is build [...]

Arnim van Lieshout interviewed at VMworld Europe 2009

Last week I was intervied at VMworld Europe 2009 in Cannes by Viktor van den Berg from the Dutch VMUG. The interview is in dutch.

New VMware Certifications

Paths to VCP on NGen4
My guess is that the launch of the next generation of VMware vSphere products will probably be sooner than some people can imagine. When I was doing the “Overview of the new vSphere products” lab on VMworld Europe 2009 in Cannes last week, the product was looking very finished. All the [...]