Posts from ‘July, 2009’

How big is my VM?

If you want to know the size of your vm, you probably first look at the size of the virtual disks in the vm’s settings, but there’s more to it. A virtual machine consists of the following set of files:

Config files (.vmx, .vmxf, .vmsd, .nvram)
Log files (.log)
Disk files (.vmdk)
Snapshots (delta.vmdk, .vmsn)
Swapfile (.vswp)

To make things more complicated, these [...]

List HBA WWPNs and LUNs using Powershell

Lately I’m moving around my VMs and storage luns between my ESX clusters a lot to accomplish a complete redesign of my Virtual Infrastructure. At some point I got lost and didn’t had the complete overview anymore. Which luns were attached to which cluster? To remove(unpresent) a lun from an ESX host/cluster on the storage [...]

Export and import customization profiles using Powershell

One great thing in the automation of VM deployments is the use of customization profiles. These profiles are stored inside the vCenter Server database. However, when you loose the database, you also loose your customization profiles. Having customization profiles exported as xml files is always useful as a backup and luckily you can export and [...]

Reconnect ESX hosts using PowerShell

This week I ran into problems with vCenter server and almost all of my VMs were orphaned in vCenter. To resolve this issue I needed to disconnect/connect each ESX host. Because I hate doing repetitive tasks I created a little PowerShell script that I wanted to share with you.

# Variables
$VCServer = “vcserver.yourdomain.local”
$password = “rootPassword”

#Connect to [...]

VMworld Europe 2010 – Change of plans?

As you probably already know, there’s a rumour going around that VMware is to change the date for VMworld Europe 2010 from february to be right after VMworld US in Q3. People out on the virtual streets are asking themselves why? Some of the great bloggers are already giving their thoughts on the reasons behind [...]