Reconnect ESX hosts using PowerShell

This week I ran into problems with vCenter server and almost all of my VMs were orphaned in vCenter. To resolve this issue I needed to disconnect/connect each ESX host. Because I hate doing repetitive tasks I created a little PowerShell script that I wanted to share with you.

# Variables
$VCServer = "vcserver.yourdomain.local"
$password = "rootPassword"

#Connect to vCenter Server
$VC = Connect-VIServer $VCServer

get-vmhost | % {
    $view = get-view $
    $arg = new-object VMware.Vim.HostConnectSpec
    $arg.userName = "root"
    $arg.password = $password
    $arg.force = $true


Disconnect-VIServer -Confirm:$false

Ofcourse I got a little help from the VMware Community Here

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  1. #1 DJ7777
    on Aug 30th, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    This is an awesome script, however after upgrading to ESXi 4.1 it doesnt reconnect. I am trying to change the VC to another machine and connect to the same database, I think it gives a command that the host is managed by another VC. Any solution for this ?

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