VMworld Europe 2010 – Change of plans?

As you probably already know, there’s a rumour going around that VMware is to change the date for VMworld Europe 2010 from february to be right after VMworld US in Q3. People out on the virtual streets are asking themselves why? Some of the great bloggers are already giving their thoughts on the reasons behind this change of plans from VMware. Be sure to read their articles in this linkage and join the discussion:

Gabrie van Zanten: Rumor !!! VMworld US 2010 and VMworld Europe 2010 in same month
Tom Howarth: VMworld Europe 2010
Mike Laverick: VMware Europe 2010 to change date?

I decided to join and give you my thoughts as well.

I think the main reason behind this change of plans is cost savings. By holding the Europe event right after the US event, the Europe event can be an exact copy of the US event and thus decreasing overall preparation time. I agree with all the others asking themself if this is a good decission, but as everywhere nowadays all decissions are mainly driven by costs and not by revenue. It is so hard to convince budget holders to invest even if you can show them a ROI within months.

I also agree with the others that I’m afraid that the Europe event will be overpowered by the US event and hence will be less interesting to press and vendors. Because VMworld US is the premier event vendors will probably put their money on that one only, because also vendors need to cut down on costs. Besides that all the techies that do not attend VMworld US will probably have read all the various blogs and watched the videos from VMworld US, so they know all the news already and don’t attend the Europe event because there’s nothing new to discover. So what is left for the VMworld Europe event? Perhaps the real believers in the VMware religion attend VMworld US for the news and attend VMworld Europe for the various parties, which are known to be great. I hope that that is not going to be the case, because like Mike Laverick mentioned in his post, some EU countries are amongst the earliest adopters of VMware virtualisation. VMware please take that into consideration.

Said that, what about stepping out of the boxes and imagine the VMworld US and VMworld Europe taking place at exact the same time as one virtual event in two seperate locations across the globe? Sessions can be divided between the two locations and then when held instantly streamed across the pond. Imagine one big wall as a virtual window to the event on the other side and communicate with attendees overthere.

A more pratical approach when costs  are the main factor behind this would be holding only one event and let that event travel across the pond each year. Also hold the event at another major city every year, to make travelling a bit more interesting. People have seen enough of San Francisco and Cannes by now.

Well, all that is left is waiting for the official announcement from VMware and by then we will learn about the real reasons behind their decission.

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