VMworld Europe demoted to October 2010

The word is out. Yesterday VMware announced that VMworld Europe will be held in October 2010 instead of February.

from the source article:

We are pleased to announce that VMworld Europe will be held in October 2010. The VMworld Europe conference will follow our Global VMworld conference, scheduled for San Francisco in September 2010, to ensure that we are able to roll out key initiatives to customers and partners more quickly and consistently worldwide. As the leading virtualization conference, VMworld will continue to offer its diverse global audience the latest information on how virtualization is revolutionizing the next generation of computing.

More information on the specific dates and location for VMworld Europe 2010 will be announced soon!

I gave my comments on the rumour earlier in this post: VMworld Europe 2010 – Change of plans? 

I personally still feel that VMworld Europe has been demoted yesterday, but I also give VMware the benefit of the doubt, as kind as I am. So let’s wait to see what VMware comes up with and how everything works out. At least I now know that I have to convince my manager to send me to VMworld two months in a row, or better start saving some money.

As I won’t be attending VMworld 2009 due to holiday plans, I’m looking for sponsors for 2010 :)

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  2. #2 Virtualdc
    on Aug 7th, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Smooth move VMware!!! Most likely will not be able to attend now due to schedule conflicts.

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