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PowerShell / PowerCLI linkage

Since I started looking into PowerShell and PowerCLI, I gathered a couple of links which I found interesting and useful. I needed a way for them to be accessible anytime anywhere. Obviously the first thing that came across my mind was putting them on my blog somewhere.
I decided to dedicate a page on my blog [...]

PowerCLI: Get WMI info from isolated guests

A few weeks back I posted an article on matching Windows and VMware disks. Unfortunately this would work only if you could remotely query WMI information from that VM. If you have any VM that’s isolated or behind a firewall, you are out of luck. This bothered me, so I started looking for a uniform [...]

Voted #29 top blogger on

In my previous post, I already wrote about the Top25 Bloggers that were announced by Eric Siebert on Eric has now put the full voting results online. Out of the 66 blogs I ended up as 29th.

Although I didn’t make it into the Top25, I’m still very satisfied ending up on the 29th place with [...]

vSphere-land Top25 bloggers

The votes have been counted and the new Top25 bloggers are revealed by Eric Siebert on vSphere-land. A total amount of over 700 people from all over the world have casted their votes, which delivered Eric a nice weekend counting.
The new Top25 as published by Eric siebert on vSphere-land:

Yellow Bricks – Duncan Epping – 158 [...]

Critical 2009 last-minute ESX3.5 patches

I just noticed that VMware released a couple of critical ESX3.5 fixes on December 29th, shortly after releasing ESX3.5 Update5 on December 3rd. Wading through the patch details I stumbled upon some severe issues addressed by the ESX350-200912401-BG patch. I quote some issues that caught my eye: 

ESX hosts might get disconnected from VirtualCenter Server. This issue [...]

Support your favourite blog. Vote Now!

In case you didn’t noticed already, Eric Siebert  from vsphere-land has proclaimed a new top bloggers election. Blogging takes a lot of work, and most of us do this on top of our day jobs and hence don’t get paid for it. So I’m honoured to be a nominee alongside world’s greatest virtualization bloggers. Check out the [...]

How to force a login on a QLogic HBA

When running some storage test on an ESX 3.5 environment lately, I ran into a problem where a dead storage path disappeared after a rescan. While this was as expected, the storage path didn’t return after fixing it in the SAN and running a rescan again. After a reboot of the ESX server, the new [...]