Critical 2009 last-minute ESX3.5 patches

I just noticed that VMware released a couple of critical ESX3.5 fixes on December 29th, shortly after releasing ESX3.5 Update5 on December 3rd. Wading through the patch details I stumbled upon some severe issues addressed by the ESX350-200912401-BG patch. I quote some issues that caught my eye: 

  • ESX hosts might get disconnected from VirtualCenter Server. This issue occurs when the ESX hosts are a part of DRS cluster and snapshots and VCB operations are performed on their virtual machines.
    The host agent on ESX hosts might stop responding to VI Client connections, VirtualCenter Server connection and internal or third-party SDK scripts or applications connections.
  • Enabling NTP service through VI Client or VirtualCenter might generate incorrect /etc/ntp.conf and /etc/ntp/step-tickers configuration files, and might cause the NTP service not to synchronize with the NTP Server. After applying this fix, the strings in ntp.conf and the step-tickers files in /etc/ntp/ are updated correctly.
  • Storage vMotion fails with the following error:
    Source detected that destination failed to resume.
    This occurs when performing storage vMotion of a virtual machine having at least two disks, of which one is RDM (located in the same folder as VMX), and the others are normal VMDK files in the destination VMFS volume. Both the RDM pointer and the normal VMDK file should have the same name for this issue to occur. The normal VMDK files are also deleted when storage vMotion fails.
    When the virtual machine is powered on the next time after this failure, the following error is displayed: Cannot open the disk.

Now that are issues that can get you in a really awkward position IMHO. Especially notice the yellow marked line, Ouch!. So take my advice and implement these patches a.s.a.p.

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