PowerShell Plus™ 3.1 out now

Idera released PowerShell Plus™ 3.1
PowerShell Plus is a powerful interactive development environment for Windows PowerShell designed to help administrators and developers quickly learn and master the PowerShell scripting language while dramatically increasing the productivity of both novice and expert users.

PowerShell Plus™ v3.1 includes these new features:

  • Community Script Library Integration – Increases script developer productivity by providing instant access to thousands of scripts from community script libraries such as PowerShell.com, Microsoft’s TechNet Script Center and Poshcode.org. Powerful search facilities provide fast and accurate identification and download of scripts directly into the PowerShell Plus personal script library.
  • Enhanced Personal Script Library content – Provides a personal ‘QuickClick’ script library containing over 170 customizable scripts, including scripts for managing desktops, networks, hardware, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, IIS, SharePoint, SQL Server, VMware and MySQL.
  • Script Sharing – Provides the ability for PowerShell Plus™ users to quickly and easily share scripts with their colleagues and also post them to the community script library on PowerShell.com.
  • Enhanced PowerShell Learning Center – Includes a wealth of knowledge and resources to make learning PowerShell easier than ever, including: Dr. Tobias Weltner’s book, Mastering Powershell.
  • Instant Access to Expert PowerShell Tips and Tricks from PowerShell.com – Interactive help for PowerShell commands, and much more.
  • PowerShell v2.0 support – Supports both Powershell v1.0 and the newly released PowerShell v2.0, including support for Modules in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments.

A while back I was one of the lucky winners to win a free PowerShell Plus™ license and fell in love with this great product right from the start. Let me explain you why.

Interactive PowerShell Console

The PowerShell console provides Intellisense-style code completion which makes finding the right cmdlet very easy. It also shows your command history in the console, lets you inspect variables and even allows you to view the content of the current pipeline. It provides a QuickClick script library with cool one-liners and sample scripts for ActiveDirectory, Exchange, IIS7, MySQL, SharePoint, SQL Server and VMware. You can add your own scripts which makes organizing and accessing your personal scripts quick and easy.

Advanced Script Editor

The advanced script editor provides an integrated debugger with Visual Studio-like step, inspect and correct during execution functions. It also supports code folding to allow hiding sections of your script, which helps you keeping the overview of your code.

Comprehensive Learning Center

Last but not least it includes a comprehensive learning center where you can easily find all the documentation you need. It now even includes Tobias Weltner’s book, Mastering Powershell.

As an extra bonus Idera has extended the trial period from 14-days to 30-days. So what are you waiting for, download your trial now and explore all the beautiful features PowerShell Plus™ has to offer.

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3 Comments on “PowerShell Plus™ 3.1 out now”

  1. #1 jamie
    on Feb 16th, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    so i downloaded this, but still only got a 14 days trial … :(

    Thank you for downloading a 14-day trial of:

    PowerShell Plus

    You can download, install and run the product(s) by clicking on the link below:

  2. #2 Arnim van Lieshout
    on Feb 16th, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    You’re right Jamie.
    Everything still says 14-days. In the what’s new it’ s clearly stated that the trial period is extended from 14 to 30 days.

    I emailed Idera about this.

    To be continued…

  3. #3 Richard Giles
    on Feb 19th, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    The 14-day trial is currently a web site glitch. We at Idera apologize for the confusion. It is due to the fact that all our other products have 14-day trial. Our webmaster is aware of this and it working on fixing this in. I assure you that it does install with a 30-day trial key.

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