How sure is your backup?

Everybody backups their environment, but how many do actually test if the backup can be restored? When you do, you know how time consuming this process is and even when you do a test restore, you are actually only testing that particular backup. You can’t possibly test every backup in your environment.

Veeam, an industry leader in backup technology, has come to the rescue. Today they introduced their latest SureBackup technology. This SureBackup technology will allow you to verify the recoverability of every backup, for every virtual machine, every time.

How does it work

The actual contents of the backup files are presented to an ESX host as a NFS datastore, which is automatically connected to the ESX host. VMs are created in an isolated environment and run directly from the backup. There is no need to extract the backup first. Each VM is then started and checked. A report is generated that shows if the OS is running fine and even if applications are functioning properly and data is intact.

It also supports multiple scripting languages that are available to the VM’s OS for incorporating custom scripts for verification. The differences files for the VMs can be stored on any available ESX datastore, which can be defined during the setup using the SureBackup wizard.

Universal application-item recovery

This new technology enables you to recover any virtualized application. Because of the image level backup, it’s fully OS agnostic. No special backup agents are required. It doesn’t matter which OS or even which (custom) application you are running. You can just start your VM from a backup and retrieve the items you need. Because the complete environment is started, you can use the application’s native management tools.


This new technologies will be delivered in Veeam Backup & Replication version 5.0. This is version due to be released in Q3 2010, so we have to be patient for a little while.

Visit for the latest developments in SureBackup technology.

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