Virtualization EcoShell 1.2.6 released

Vizioncore just released the newest version of the vEcoShell (Virtualization EcoShell). As a user and developer of VMware PowerCLI scripts I almost use the vEcoShell on a daily basis. The amazing thing about the vEcoShell is that you don’t need any scripting experience to use PowerCLI scripts and examples found on the web. If you haven’t done so, give it a try. You will like it! That’s a promise!

Starting with the 1.2.6 release of vEcoShell, it will no longer be referred to as beta! vEcoShell is finally an officially sanctioned product from Vizioncore. The product is still a Freeware offering with online community support only.

The landing page now also includes a link to the Community PowerPack for even more power. This Community PowerPack demonstrates the full potential of the vEcoShell and gives the virtualization administrator a crucial tool for administering the virtual environment. It has a wide range of nodes for every aspect of your virtual environment. If you find anything missing or want to contribute code, just let us know.

What’s New with 1.2.6

  • Completely rewritten PowerPack to support VMware PowerCLI 4.0 Update 1 and its ability to manage connections to multiple $viServer objects.
  • Ability to copy and paste code from “PowerShell Code” tab directly into standalone PS1 files (Will still need to Add-PSSnapin and Connect-VIServer for script to function).
  • Ability to copy and paste code snippets from the internet and they will work without needing to add our $managedHost.connection code everywhere.

About vEcoShell

vEcoShell is a freeware desktop application that simplifies the daily administration of increasingly complex virtual environments. Powered by PowerGUI by Quest Software, vEcoShell leverages Windows PowerShell and VMware PowerCLI to enable administrators to easily administer their environments with virtualization PowerShell scripts.

vEcoShell currently supports the following hypervisors:

  • VMware VI3 / VirtualCenter 2.5
  • VMware vSphere / vCenter 4.0
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

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