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Ranked #27 in Eric Siebert’s Top VMware bloggers survey


Last Monday, Eric Siebert published the results of the Top25 VMware Virtualization Bloggers survey. Also watch the vChat episode 8 where the Top25 is announced.
Big Congrats to all of you who made it into the Top25. Great Job!
While the previous vote back in January 2010 had a total of 66 blogs, there were now 115 [...]

Why New-VIProperty Matters!

As you may have noticed, PowerCLI 4.1 has some cool new features for accessing the underlying SDK objects from within the PowerCLI objects. Before PowerCLI 4.1 your only door to the SDK objects was using the Get-View cmdlet, but you can use the .ExtensionData property now. This makes it much easier and requires less code [...]

Voting Time! – Top 25 VMware Virtualization Blogs

Eric Siebert has opened up another “Vote Your Favourite Top 25 VMware Virtualization Blogs” poll over at  Please take a moment and cast your vote  for your favourite 10 VMware virtualization blogs.  It’ll take only a couple of minutes of your time and you can win a free copy of Eric’s new book,  Maximum [...]