Ranked #27 in Eric Siebert’s Top VMware bloggers survey

Last Monday, Eric Siebert published the results of the Top25 VMware Virtualization Bloggers survey. Also watch the vChat episode 8 where the Top25 is announced.

Big Congrats to all of you who made it into the Top25. Great Job!

While the previous vote back in January 2010 had a total of 66 blogs, there were now 115 blogs into the competition. I think that is just awesome. Almost 50 new blogs in less than a year.

Out of all those 115 competitors I ended up as number 27. Last time I was ranked #29, so that are 2 steps up, even with a doubling of the number of participants. Let’s hold on to this trend and maybe I’ll end up as number 25 next time :-)

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I see this as a very positive feedback and apparently my posts are interesting enough for people to include me in their personal top10. Thank You!

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