A 2nd year has passed

A 2nd year has passed, and this means another happy blogiversary to me!

Although there hasn’t been much writing activity on my blog for the past half of the year, the traffic rather shows a slight increase. Apparently there must be something valuable on my blog, as new visitors keep coming. Thank you!

The good news is that there’s a very good reason why my blogging activity is at a very low level at the moment. In July 2010, I was asked to become a co-author of a soon to be released book on PowerCLI.

For me 2010 was quite an eventful year, both negative and positive. Not only have I lost my manager and very close friend, but I also lost my father just one week after that. I still can’t believe they’re gone, but as always; life goes on.

On the other hand 2010 was also a year of joy and happiness. In March, I won the 3rd prize in VMware’s Script-O-Mania contest. You can find my submission here. An improved version of this function will be available in the book. On top of that, later this year I was designated as a vExpert2010 (Have a look at my vExpert2010 page for a list of vExperts). Who would have believed that! In July, as I already mentioned I was asked to co-author a book. In this opportunity I’m working together with these scripting experts: Luc Dekens, Alan Renouf, Jonathan Medd and Glenn Sizemore. That was something I dreamed of before, but never considered possible. But, by far, my most impressive event in 2010 was the birth of our third son!

While the PowerCLI book is progressing, I will slowly get more time on my hands and will try to pick up writing blog articles again. I hope you’re still with me and join me on my third year as a blogger!

Rests me nothing else than wishing you all Happy Holidays,  Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2011!

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