A new PowerCLI release and a New Year’s feature

On Decembre 2nd, VMware released PowerCLI 4.1.1 (or PowerCLI 4.1 Update1 as VMware calls it). Although this is a minor release, it contains more than just some bugfixes. The new release contains several enhancements and quite a couple of new cmdlets. Let’s have a look at some of the new improvements in PowerCLI 4.1.1:

  • Using the ESX CLI and ESX Top features of VMware vSphere. (experimental)
  • Working with distributed switches and distributed switch port groups.
  • Supporting SCSI controllers.
  • Querying and modifying vCenter Server alarms.
  • Managing advanced vCenter Server settings and Cluster HA advanced options.
  • Waiting for VMware Tools of the specified virtual machines to load.
  • Querying information about disk and disk partitions of hosts.
  • Formatting host disk partitions.
  • Querying the primary HA cluster nodes.
  • Zeroing out virtual machine hard disks.

For more information on changes made in vSphere PowerCLI 4.1.1, see the full vSphere PowerCLI Change Log.

New Cmdlets

The new cmdlets introduced in this release are:

New Year’s Feature

The PowerCLI development team has built a new feature into the Connect-VIServer cmdlet. This new feature is accessible through the -Menu parameter on the Connect-VIServer cmdlet. Using this parameter will present you a list of recently connected servers and allows you to select the server to connect to. I think it’s pretty cool, but you have to be patient as this feature will NOT be available untill January 1st. ;)

There are already quite some resources available on this new PowerCLI release. Have a look at the resources below:

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