Move/Replace vCloud Director NFS Transfer Server Storage

In a multi-cell vCloud Director installation, all cells need access to a shared spooling area, also known as NFS transfer server storage. When you need to move or replace the NFS transfer server storage because the current presented NFS share is too small or maybe it got lost because of a crash, you can simply provide a new share to the vCloud Director cells.

The following procedure shows you how to replace the NFS transfer server storage:

Create NFS share

First you need to export a share on the new NFS server. The procedure might be different depending on the type of NFS server you’re using. RedHat version 5.7 has been used in the following procedure.

1. Create a directory to export:

mkdir /nfs/vCD-Transfer

2. Export the NFS directory. Add the following line to /etc/exports:

/nfs/vCD-Transfer <accesslist>   (rw,no_root_squash)

Note: Replace <accesslist> with the ip addresses of your VCD cells or allow a specific network like

3. Restart NFS service:

service nfs restart

Mount NFS share on VCD cells

When the new NFS share is ready

1. Unmount the current NFS share:

umount /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/data/transfer

2. Modify /etc/fstab and make sure the following line is present and matching your NFS server IP and directory:

<nfsip>:/nfs/vCD-Transfer /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/data/transfer nfs rw,soft,_netdev 0 0

Note: Replace <nfsip> with the ip addresses of your NFS server

3. Mount the NFS share:

mount -a

4. Verify that the permissions on the transfer directory are set to 750 (drwxr-x—). If not change it:

chmod 750 /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/data/transfer

5. Verify that both the user and group on the transfer folder are set to vcloud. If not change it:

chown -R vcloud:vcloud /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/data/transfer

6. Restart VCD cell:

service vmware-vcd restart

Note 1: Be aware that (in a production environment) tasks could be active on the cell. Restarting the cell this way will break any running tasks. You might want to quiesce the cell first as described in

Note 2: You’ll notice a warning in the cell.log log file indicating that the cell is unable to verify that the other cells share the same spooling area. This is normal at this stage as the other cells haven’t been updated with the new NFS share yet. Just make sure that you update all cells. When a VCD cell starts it writes a marker file onto the spooling area to verify that the spooling area is writable and checks all other marker files to verify that it’s sharing the spooling area with all other cells.

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