NLVMUG Conference 2014 – March 6 – Den Bosch

After some smaller VMware Usergroup meetings in 2013, it’s now time for some serious business: on March 6, the NLVMUG Conference 2014 will take place in  Congrescentrum 1931 Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

The NLVMUG Conference 2014 is an annual full-day conference organized by the Dutch VMUG customer council and supported by the international organization.  The NLVMUG Conference offers a diverse program:

  • 3 parallel tracks focusing on End User Computing, Software Defined Datacenter and Cloud Operations & Management;
  • Meet the experts;
  • The one and only Genius Bar;
  • Social media room;

…and of course an event full of VMUG members!

VMware’s CMO Brian Gammage is responsible for the keynote; other presenters are a.o. Duco Jaspers, Joep Piscaer, Jan Willem Lammers, Gabrie van Zanten, Eric Sloof, Arnim van Lieshout and yours truly.

Read on to learn about the session Arnim and I will run at the NLVMUG conference!

vCAC 6.0 UnLeashed – Arnim & Viktor

Arnim van Lieshout and Viktor van den Berg invite you to join their session about vCloud Automation Center 6.0 at the NLVMUG Conference 2014.  Arnim (senior consultant at VMware) and Viktor (senior consultant at PQR) will teach you everything about vCAC 6.0 you wanted to know but didn’t dare ask.

In our session you will learn about available vCAC features, including vCO integration, the Advanced Service Designer and IAAS based provisioning. Based on real-life requirements Arnim & Viktor will show you how to configure a multi -tenant self-service portal based on vCAC. You will learn how to use and configure multi-machine blueprints, and how to customize the vCAC workflows using vCenter Orchestrator. We will also demo the Advanced Service Designer.

We hope to meet you at March 6th in Den Bosch.

More information & registration

The full agenda for the NLVMUG Conference 2014 is provided on Registration is available here.

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