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NLVMUG Conference 2014 – March 6 – Den Bosch

After some smaller VMware Usergroup meetings in 2013, it’s now time for some serious business: on March 6, the NLVMUG Conference 2014 will take place in  Congrescentrum 1931 Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

The NLVMUG Conference 2014 is an annual full-day conference organized by the Dutch VMUG customer council and supported by the international organization.  The NLVMUG [...]

Top Bloggers Voting Time Again

Eric Siebert has opened up another top VMware & virtualization blogs poll over at  Please take a moment and cast your vote  for your favourite 10 bloggers.  It’ll take only a couple of minutes of your time and you can win a copy of the Train Signal’s new vSphere 5 and View 5 video training courses.
So head on [...]

Living the dream

Who would’ve thought that 2011 would become such a great year for me? Earlier this year a dream came true with the release of our PowerCLI book on March 28th. Now, only 2 months after, another dream is about to happen. I think I can honestly say that I’m living my dream right now.
Well, it’s [...]

A 2nd year has passed

A 2nd year has passed, and this means another happy blogiversary to me!
Although there hasn’t been much writing activity on my blog for the past half of the year, the traffic rather shows a slight increase. Apparently there must be something valuable on my blog, as new visitors keep coming. Thank you!
The good news is [...]

Voting Time! – Top 25 VMware Virtualization Blogs

Eric Siebert has opened up another “Vote Your Favourite Top 25 VMware Virtualization Blogs” poll over at  Please take a moment and cast your vote  for your favourite 10 VMware virtualization blogs.  It’ll take only a couple of minutes of your time and you can win a free copy of Eric’s new book,  Maximum [...]

Happy 1st Blogiversary to me

Today is my blog’s 1st blogiversary, Yay!
On December 19, 2008 I made my first blog post ever, and the crappiest one too in my opinion. That was because at that time I had no idea what I should write about. I knew it had to do something with virtualization, but no particular subject entered my mind at [...]

Dutch VMUG 2009 – December 11th 2009

In case you didn’t noticed,  yesterday was the official announcement of the Dutch VMUG Event 2009. This year’s edition is a little special as it’s the 5th and will take place again at the Nieuwegein Business Centre for the third time in a row.
For me the Dutch VMUG Event is the next best thing to [...]

Meet the VMTN Experts

Steve and Duncan just posted the full list of VMTN Experts that will join the VMTN Experts Panel at VMworld Europe.
Jason Boche – + VMTN Moderator
Thomas Bryant – VMTN Moderator
Steve Beaver – + VMTN Moderator
Eric Sloof – + VMTN/VMUG Contributor
Scott Herold – + VMTN Contributor and author of VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical [...]

Get your Twitter shirt now!

Brent Ozar published a new website where you can order your own personal Twitter T-Shirt.
This is a very funny, but clear way of showing who you are when you are in a team meet.
I like this great idea. Order your shirt now!
There’s a $4.40 cut off when you order before januari 20, 2009.
Read Brent Ozar’s complete [...]

Here I am

Well here I am, this is it. I finally made it online.
After hiding behind my computer for many years, I thought it was time to get my word out to the public.
Inspired by the many bloggers in the virtualization community and pushed across that line by the awesome posts on how to start your own [...]