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ESX Memory Management – Part 1

I receive a lot of questions lately about ESX memory management. Things that are very obvious to me seem to be not so obvious at all for some other people. So I’ll try to explain these things from my point of view.
First let’s have a look at the virtual machine settings available to us. On [...]

Ken Cline’s Great vSwitch Debate

Probably old information for insiders, but Ken Cline recently finished his trilogy on “The Great vSwitch Debate”. In his vSwitch trilogy he addresses everything you allways wanted to know but were afraid to ask about vSwitches. In part 1 of his series he introduces the concept of a vSwitch, in part 2 he talkes about the security [...]

VMware ESX(i) 3.5 Update4 released

VMware has released ESX(i) 3.5 update4.
Do not forget to read the release notes here or you can go to the download page here
While going through the release notes these things caught my attention:

vCenter 2.5 U2 or higher is required before upgrading to ESX(i) 3.5 U4 according to the Compatibility Matrix
If you are in a managed (enterprise) [...]

HOW-TO: Recover from failed Storage VMotion

A while ago I received a request from the storage department to move a whole ESX cluster to another storage I/O-Group. This would be a disruptive action.
I was wondering if storage VMotion would help me out here if they assigned me some new storage on the other I/O-Group instead of moving the current LUNs.
If you [...]

Unattended upgrade of HP management agents

After upgrading to ESX 3.5 to update3, I found out that the HP management agents needed to be upgraded to version 8.1.1, since this version supports ESX3.5 update3. So I downloaded the new agents and decided to install the latest HBAAPI libraries from Qlogic too. These HBA libraries are not part of the HP agents [...]

ESX console password aging

Yesterday I did a post on how to change your ESX root password using a Powershell script and told you that I, as a good administrator, didn’t change my password for ages.
Today VMware just released this KB article on password aging in the ESX console. This way you can force a password change after an [...]

VMotion does not check vSwitch port availability

When I was reshuffling some VMs from one cluster to the other, I had a VM that was cut off from the network. When I did some investigation I found that the network adapter was disconnected in the VM Settings. Hmmmm strange.
How could that happen?

VMware Storage Sudoku

Last Friday I was brainstorming with Gabrie van Zanten about the optimal placement of the VMDKs across our LUNs. We tried to come up with an algorithm that could give us insight in what would be our optimal storage layout.
First read the complete post here.
This weekend I was continuously thinking about this challenge.
I came up [...]

Unable to login to your ESX server

Ivo Beerens posted this article last week on the defunct cimservera processes that render an ESX Host unmanageable.
See also this VMWare KB Article.
Symptoms include:

Unable to log in through SSH to the ESX host.
Unable to log in on the local service console.
HA errors.

I ran into this problem a while ago too.
The reason why you cannot login [...]

Monitor ESX datastores using Hostmonitor

A lot of customers I worked with use Advanced Hostmonitor from KS-Soft to monitor their Windows environment. So is the customer I  am currently working at. Advanced Hostmonitor is a simple and cheap monitoring solution for Windows, but also supports other UNIX/Linux operating systems using Remote Monitoring Agents (RMA).
My current >customer has 50+ ESX servers [...]