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Unattended upgrade of HP management agents

After upgrading to ESX 3.5 to update3, I found out that the HP management agents needed to be upgraded to version 8.1.1, since this version supports ESX3.5 update3. So I downloaded the new agents and decided to install the latest HBAAPI libraries from Qlogic too. These HBA libraries are not part of the HP agents [...]

Unable to login to your ESX server

Ivo Beerens posted this article last week on the defunct cimservera processes that render an ESX Host unmanageable.
See also this VMWare KB Article.
Symptoms include:

Unable to log in through SSH to the ESX host.
Unable to log in on the local service console.
HA errors.

I ran into this problem a while ago too.
The reason why you cannot login [...]