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VMware vExpert 2010 Directory

Watching the twittersphere for vExpert announcements, I was intrigued by the need for people to be on a list. A lot of people contacted me that they were missing from the vExpert twitter avatar list on my vExpert 2010 post. I also saw many people ask Maish Saidel-Keesing to include them on his VMware vExpert [...]

VMware vExpert 2010

Today I woke up and found out that I was rewarded as a VMware vExpert 2010. I’m deeply honored to be designated for this award and to become part of this selected group of great minds. I want to thank VMware and the vExpert judges for selecting me. A special Thank You goes to John Troyer, the [...]

Are you a VMware vExpert?

VMware is very proud to introduce the VMware vExpert Awards. The VMware vExpert Awards will be given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the overall community of VMware users over the past year, either online or offline. You might be contributing online to blogs, forums, wikis, or other online sites. You might be organizing [...]