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PowerCLI: Match VM and Windows harddisks – Part 2

This is a follow up on a post I did a couple of weeks ago to create a mapping table between Windows- and VMware hard disks. In another previous post PowerCLI: Get WMI info from isolated guests, I showed you how to get WMI info from a guest without using the guest’s network. I used this [...]

How big is my VM?

If you want to know the size of your vm, you probably first look at the size of the virtual disks in the vm’s settings, but there’s more to it. A virtual machine consists of the following set of files:

Config files (.vmx, .vmxf, .vmsd, .nvram)
Log files (.log)
Disk files (.vmdk)
Snapshots (delta.vmdk, .vmsn)
Swapfile (.vswp)

To make things more complicated, these [...]

Setting custom attributes with VMware PowerCLI

Last week I wanted to extend my vCenter with some extra custom attributes on my VMs. This would extend the usability of the Export List feature for reporting purposes. So together with Hal Rottenberg’s “Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell TFM” book in my hand, I took a dive into VMware PowerCLI (formerly known as [...]

Bulk change your ESX root password

Have you ever been facing your security department demanding you to change your ESX root password?
Well I did. At the current site there’s a strict security policy where passwords must change every 2 months. Offcourse as a good administrator I changed the ESX root account …. ehm …. well …. ehm …. never.
Because we have over [...]

New version of the Powershell Healthcheck script released

Ivo Beerens published a new version of his Powershell Healthcheck script.
- VMware ESX server Hardware and version         
- VMware vCenter version    
- Cluster information (Updated)    
- VMware statistics (New)
- Active Snapshots    
- CDROMs connected to VMs   
- Floppy drives connected to VMs  
- Datastores Information such as free space
- RDM information  (New)
- VM information such as VMware tools version,  [...]