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VMworld 2014 Public Session Voting

If you are planning to attend VMworld 2014 than it’s probably good to know that you can have a voice in what sessions are being accepted. This unique conference concept called Public Session Voting is now open.
This year Viktor van den Berg (@viktoriousss, and I submitted a session proposal. If you [...]

vCloud Director offerings are coming

During VMworld Europe 2010 in Copenhagen I had the opportunity to have a glimpse of the VMware vCloud Director (vCD). While back in 2009 VMware was only still introducing the foundation for cloud computing by releasing vSphere 4, now just one year later, they actually did it and provide the software to actually enable cloud [...]

VMworld Europe 2010 – Copenhagen here we come

hello 2010, hello Copenhagen
Today the word is out on Twitter.
VMworld Europe 2010 will be held October 11 – 14 in the Bella Centre in Copenhagen. So bye bye Cannes, hello Copenhagen.
On twitter @vnagornyi noticed the last page of the VMworld 2009 Conference Program Guide which shows the dates and locations of the VMworld 2010 conferences:
VMworld [...]

VMworld Europe demoted to October 2010

The word is out. Yesterday VMware announced that VMworld Europe will be held in October 2010 instead of February.
from the source article:
We are pleased to announce that VMworld Europe will be held in October 2010. The VMworld Europe conference will follow our Global VMworld conference, scheduled for San Francisco in September 2010, to ensure that [...]

VMworld Europe 2010 – Change of plans?

As you probably already know, there’s a rumour going around that VMware is to change the date for VMworld Europe 2010 from february to be right after VMworld US in Q3. People out on the virtual streets are asking themselves why? Some of the great bloggers are already giving their thoughts on the reasons behind [...]

VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat

VMware just released the VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat product which was first publicly announced at VMworld Europe 2009.
VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat is an addon which creates high availability for your vCenter Server. vCenter Server becomes more and more important today as new products and addons are being connected to vCenter Server. vCenter Server is the [...]

VMware vCenter Data Recovery

When taking the VMware vCenter Data Recovery lab on VMworld Europe 2009 I was totally surprised about this new product. The product, which will be part of the new vSphere line of products, is a complete disk based backup and restore solution. In my opinion it’s mainly aimed at SMB organizations however.
The product is build [...]

Arnim van Lieshout interviewed at VMworld Europe 2009

Last week I was intervied at VMworld Europe 2009 in Cannes by Viktor van den Berg from the Dutch VMUG. The interview is in dutch.

VMworld Europe 2009 – PartnerDay Recap

VMworld Europe 2009 Partner Day has almost come to an end. The focus was all set on the new line of products. With vSphere officially going public today as a name for VMware’s NextGen products, VMware announced 2 other new products:

vCenter Server Heartbeat
vShield Zones

Another Focus will be the vCloud Initiative with the VDC-OS/vSphere positioned as [...]

VMworld Europe – Day 0

Today was the travelling day for VMworld Europe in Cannes. My flight was pleasant and right on time. With the weather all shiny I was heading to cannes using the shuttle bus.
Weird people addicted to cellphones and other mobile devices everywhere. Where did I just landed? After registering I went directly to the lovely hotel, [...]