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Ken Cline’s Great vSwitch Debate

Probably old information for insiders, but Ken Cline recently finished his trilogy on “The Great vSwitch Debate”. In his vSwitch trilogy he addresses everything you allways wanted to know but were afraid to ask about vSwitches. In part 1 of his series he introduces the concept of a vSwitch, in part 2 he talkes about the security [...]

Virtualization links for this week

I’ve been really busy this week

patching my ESX hosts
troubleshooting ballooning problems
moving ESX hosts to other SAN switches
troubleshooting network/vlan problems
putting some effort in helping people out on the VMTN forum. Hey, I even got a top 5 ranking this week
AND reading all those magnificent articles I found out this week

Whenever you are seriously interested in VMware [...]

VMotion does not check vSwitch port availability

When I was reshuffling some VMs from one cluster to the other, I had a VM that was cut off from the network. When I did some investigation I found that the network adapter was disconnected in the VM Settings. Hmmmm strange.
How could that happen?